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Pupil Connect (14-16) Success Stories
Rafiqa Mesaed
Rafiqa came to us in May 2006 with next to no English. She is the most driven, self-motivated and determined pupil I have met in my 17 years of teaching. She works hard all day every day, she borrows books and practises reading at home, she has taken handwriting sheets home and practised until she can place letters correctly on the line and she always speaks in class and is not afraid to share her opinions, even when she is in the minority. Rafiqa has a real talent for maths and in March this year she worked tirelessly to understand the questions of an Entry One Paper and she passed with 78%. In May Rafiqa is taking Entry 2 Maths and Entry 1 Literacy. Rafiqa is the first female pupil from The Alyssa School to get a place at college, in September she is going to Joseph Chamberlain College to study more ESOL and then she wants to get a job! Rafiqa was voted onto the school council and she is also a very good House Captain. In December 2006 Rafiqa won the first ever award in our ‘Caught You Caring’ campaign.
Mohamoud Faysal
Mohamoud joined the school in January 2006 and found it difficult at first to settle down and avoid trouble. Fast forward to May 2007 and Mohamoud has completely turned himself around: Mohamoud has passed Entry 1 and 2 in Literacy and Entry 1, 2 and 3 in Numeracy. In May Mohamoud will sit Entry 3 Literacy and in June Level 1 (GCSE equivalent) Numeracy. Mohamoud is House Captain of Mercury House and has demonstrated that he can be a good role model and an organised leader. Mohamoud has a place at South Birmingham College to do his GCSEs and has also applied to Sutton College.
Ahmed Omar Abdi
Ahmed started at The Alyssa School in November 2006, he had very little English, needed an interpreter to help him communicate and counted using his fingers. Ahmed had very little previous schooling and found rules and routines hard to follow. However, Ahmed has now settled down very well and has become a role model for other pupils in the school, he works very hard in class and concentrates well. In March Ahmed tried his first exam and was unsuccessful but only by 2 marks! He will try for a second time in May and we are confident that he will pass, he will also try the Entry 1 Literacy exam. Next year Ahmed already has a place at Joseph Chamberlain College to do foundation level studies and pre-GCSEs in photography, English, Maths & ICT.

Tanin Koysar 


Tanin came in September 2006, she was a very quiet pupil who didn’t get involved much in class. At half term in October she did an assessment for us and it was quite clear that she was hiding her true abilities! Tanin moved up a level in class and really began to shine. Tanin passed Entry 1 Literacy at 92% and Numeracy at 85%, in March 2007. In May she will sit Entry 2 Literacy and Numeracy. Tanin is a Year 10 pupil and we have high hopes that she will achieve at Level 2 (GCSE Grades A-C equivalent) next year.



Muhammed Humair


Humair enrolled in school in February 2007. He suffered from chronic shyness and a complete lack of self-confidence, he worried about everything being perfect. In just 3 short months Humair is unrecognisable: he has really gained in confidence, he now participates in discussions, joins in games and has recently displayed strong leadership qualities. Humair’s work in class is accurate, imaginative and thorough. Humair has asked to try externally set exams and in July will sit Entry 1 in Literacy and Numeracy.



Gul Nabi Hydar


Gul Nabi had never been to school before coming here in February 2007. Gul Nabi cannot read or write in his home language and is here unaccompanied having ‘walked’ across Europe. His most common saying used to be ‘I’m no good at English, I’m slow’ but he has gradually started to realise that he is learning and improving at a really rapid pace. He is highly motivated and has come a long way in a short period of time, he constantly asks questions about the English language and about words he has read in a newspaper or heard on TV. Gul Nabi’s work is very imaginative and individual. Gul Nabi has a lovely sense of humour and is a truly kind, helpful and friendly pupil. Gul Nabi is a Year 10 pupil and we all look forward to teaching him next year and watching him reach his goal of achieving at Entry 2 level.