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Skills for Life (ESOL:English for Speakers of Other Languages)

English for Speakers of Other Languages (Esol) courses are designed for both young people and adults to enable you to efficiently develop your knowledge, understanding and use of the English language. Courses are run from an entry level 1 up to an entry level 3, preparing you to progress into mainstream education to further your achievement. Our courses are accredited by the Assessment & Qualifications Alliance (AQA) who are the largest of the three English examination boards. There may be many reasons for attending such courses.

The most popular are:-
  • Work requirements
  • University studies
  • Moving to English speaking country
The Skills for Life tests are designed for adult (16+) speakers whose home language is not English, who are living or trying to settle in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

These English learners may include:-
  • Refugees or asylum seekers
  • Migrant workers
  • People from settled communities
Partners or spouses of people who are settled in this country for a number of years. Other non-native students whose first language was not English.

What will I learn?
On joining you will sit a short test to assess your existing skills. This will help us to place you in the correct class level and ensure that you receive all of the support you need. Dependant on which class is best suited to you, topics covered in the course may include:
  • Speaking & Listening
  • Reading & Writing
  • Communication
  • Obtaining information from everyday sources
  • Conversation; face to face and over the telephone
  • Write short stories
  • Confidence building
How do I join the course?
After you enquire, you will be invited in to talk to one of our staff and ask any questions that you may have. Upon enrolment, you will sit a short test to help us to decide which level is best for you to start at. All you need to do is give us a call.

How long is the course?
In most cases, each level will take around 6 months to complete.

What happens when I finish the course?
If you are at one of the lower levels, you will be given the option to further on to a higher level. Once you have completed the highest level that we offer, you may move on to college, another training provider or you may seek employment.

Do I need to take any exams?
Yes. Whilst on the course you will be working towards a final test. Your tutor will support you all the way and will even give you mock tests to make sure you are getting all the help you need.

Anything else I should know?
All you need to do is contact us on 0121 773 4332 to arrange your place.